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In association with the local allotment authorities, it is our aim to provide a friendly communal environment for members and their children; to promote allotment gardening as a recreational activity, and help new plotholders wherever possible. We encourage our members to conserve rainwater, recycle green waste and maintain productive growing of vegetables, fruit and flowers, all in harmony with the wildlife that share our sites.

(BAA Nov 2013)

The structure, content and function of this website reflect our vision which is set out above, and should probably be called our 'Mission' statement. We recognise that allotment tenants have differing reasons for having a plot in the first place, differing approaches to cultivation and growing, differing backgrounds - yet we also share common aims and objectives. It is our hope that this website will become central to the support of our small community of allotmenters here in Barnstaple, in particular by drawing us together to achieve maximum representation to the allotment authorities. But also by encouraging the sharing of knowledge and techniques to improve productivity and diminish our impact on the environment, and perhaps even by supporting our fellow allotment holders in practical ways such as purchasing in bulk, or maybe by swapping seeds/produce, or even (dare we suggest this) by assisting a disabled or unwell fellow-plotholder with a bit of digging or rotovating; after all, who knows when we might need a bit of help ourselves.

There is so much for us to enjoy and celebrate, and we feel a certain responsibility to communicate this to younger generations. We can do this on a personal level by welcoming our children, grandchildren and others to our plots and sites, and also by developing links with local schools and supporting their initiatives in relation to gardening and nature. Again, the pages of this site show how we are doing this - after all, these young children are the future generation of allotmenters!

We 'diggers' are widely recognised for our prolific and highly inventive recycling and conservation efforts. Whilst this is something to celebrate, the message needs contantly reinforcing. The recent 'great water debate' had us all concerned, but ultimately resulted in many of us placing more rainwater barrels around our sheds and greenhouses, as well as modifying our approach to watering - sometimes with quite startling results. As an organisation, we want to support members in their drive to use less water, so have decided to provide a subsidy towards the cost of additional rainwater storage capacity.

So join us and use this site as a means of keeping in touch with what's new in your local allotment community!

Organisation | Membership | Meetings | Activities