Bi-monthly Draw Results

ten pound note

At each bi-monthly meeting we hold a draw for a £10.00 Value House Garden Gift Voucher. Although not a particularly large sum, it is yet another benefit of membership of the Barnstaple Allotment Association. After all, Ten Pounds is five times the amount of the current (£2.00) membership cost.

22nd November 2017Steve & KatieHigher Raleigh
24th May 2017Donna SibleyHigher Raleigh
22nd March 2017Anne WoodwardSunnybank
18th January 2017Alison MelhuishHigher Raleigh
23rd November 2016Syd TrothSunnybank
21st September 2016Alison MelhuishHigher Raleigh
13th July 2016Phil HuxtableHigher Raleigh
18th May 2016Barbara VercoeHigher Raleigh
23rd March 2016Martin HadrillHigher Raleigh
20th January 2016Andy GeissMill Road
25th November 2015Mal ChapmanHigher Raleigh
23rd September 2015Mark BeerBryant's Field
15th July 2015Paul & Amanda DawHigher Raleigh
20th May 2015June HemmingsBryant's Field

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